Why Provide DNA Based Respiratory Testing?

RespiratoryThe lab space is one that continues to evolve as technology aids the advancement of diagnostic testing. This is good news for labs but with any new testing, expensive equipment is required. Lab4lab is partnering labs and reducing the need for labs to incur additional expenses whilst enhancing the panels they offer.


DNA mapping technology is continuing to evolve, not just from a pharmacogenetics stand point, but from a pathology perspective as well. New testing is now available that allows diagnosis of a pathogen within hours from receipt of sample at the lab. Typically testing of this nature usually requires several days for cultures to develop, meaning sometimes a significant delay in initiating suitable patient treatment.


DNA based respiratory testing is now available, enabling physicians to present an accurate diagnosis of a patient's condition within 24 hours of sample collection. A patient can then commence the best course of treatment with physician confidence.


Antibiotic resistance is a growing concern. Our history of antibiotic overuse is impacting diseases and their ability to be treated effectively. Over 2 million cases of antibiotic resistant disease are reported each year and over 23,000 deaths.


Physicians are faced with the challenge of differential diagnosis for many conditions including respiratory infections. For some conditions this can be particularly difficult such as in various throat infections.


Physicians see a remarkable benefit in early diagnosis of these infections. The respiratory testing panels include detection of various strains of Influenza, Parainfluenza, Bordatella, Mycoplasma and more. With a viral diagnosis, antivirals can be promptly prescribed if necessary due to the rapid return of results.


In the event of a bacterial diagnosis, the patient can be prescribed the recommended antibiotics and be on their way to recovery, expediting their return to work. Early diagnosis and treatment enables fewer sick days, lower transmission of diseases in the community and physicians can treat their patients with a high level of confidence.


The economic impact of this testing can be significant with reduced health care costs and the potential reduction in antibiotic resistance development. Antibiotic resistance is high on the Center For Disease Controls agenda. Leading DNA testing can help support their initiatives for combating this problem.


Misuse and overuse of antibiotics is a prime driver for resistance. Antibiotics are frequently prescribed for viral infections, prescribers are forced to take an educated guess on the best course of treatment without the availability of diagnostic results and patients fail to complete their course of antibiotics. The viability and risks associated with other treatments including surgeries, transplants and cancer treatment is threatened as a result of this problem.


This testing is well suited for Family and Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Urgent Care and ER, Geriatric, Respiratory and Allergy Specialties. Labs can easily add this testing panel to their offer for physicians and broaden the accessibility for patients to receive this rapid and advanced form of respiratory testing. Register with Lab4lab for more information on this and other panels that could benefit your physicians.