Choosing the Right Medical Ancillary to Sell

The Ancillary sector of the medical industry attracts talented sales people from a wide range of backgrounds. The majority of the opportunities are Independent Contractor positions, which allow medical sales professionals the opportunity to be their own boss with uncapped income potential.

The choices for medical ancillaries to promote are endless. From diagnostic testing programs to pharmacy to laboratory services, there are literally hundreds of options.

As a medical sales professional, how do you choose which program(s) to promote?

The answer is simple…sell what you are most passionate about.

When evaluating medical ancillary programs, the last thing you should do is focus solely on the programs boasting the highest commission. This is not only short-sighted, but you will hurt yourself in the long run.

Medical sales is a relationship business. When evaluating a new program, all thoughts should be focused on how this will potentially help your customer. If you truly believe in what you are selling, customers can sense that you are being genuine and you are more likely to earn their business over the long run.

Because you have a passion for what you are promoting, you will be more likely to do more research on the topic and retain more of the information, making you a more valuable resource to a medical practice.

“At Lab4lab we promote dozens of clinical laboratory tests. However, I have personally more bladder cancer tests than any other test we offer” says John Rust, managing partner at “The first time we caught cancer on a routine screen, I realized that this test literally may have just saved a life. Since then, I can’t help but talk about it with passion to every lab owner that isn’t currently offering screening.”

The best formula for success is to combine your passion with the use of testimonials and real life examples. View yourself as a leader and be proud of how you have helped others.