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Choosing the Right Medical Ancillary to Sell

The Ancillary sector of the medical industry attracts talented sales people from a wide range of backgrounds. The majority of the opportunities are Independent Contractor positions, which allow medical sales professionals the opportunity to be their own boss with uncapped income potential. The choices for medical ancillaries to promote are endless. From diagnostic testing programs  […]

Is third-party billing right for your laboratory?

Clinical and reference laboratories face a daunting number of challenges. The complexity of¬†clinical laboratory billing, ever-increasing regulatory demands, inadequate legacy applications and difficulties accessing information can impede growth and hinder the success of your laboratory.¬† Consequently, more and more laboratories are turning to third-party billing and revenue management firms. There are several benefits to outsourcing  […]

The Future for Toxicology Laboratories

Toxicology laboratories have seen declines in reimbursement this past year. In reaction to the overutilization of urine toxicology screens, CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) has made drastic cuts to LC-MS methods of testing. Billing codes often lag behind technology, which made LC-MS a more attractive financial option for laboratories. This led to overutilization  […]

Why Should Toxicology Labs Offer Bladder Cancer Screening and Testing?

Toxicology labs now have a unique opportunity to help reduce the number of people developing severe bladder cancer which in turn will save lives.   Bladder cancer is a common cancer; it is the fourth most common cancer in the United States. Over 70,000 people develop bladder cancer in the United States each year. In  […]

Lab4Lab Expanding Services

Why Expand Services to Your Laboratory? Annual healthcare spend is more than 3 trillion dollars in the United States and laboratory testing accounts for just 2 to 3 percent of this spend. Approximately 70 percent of physician decisions rely on a lab test for diagnosis and treatment. Expanding laboratory service offerings can have multiple benefits  […]

Why Provide DNA Based Respiratory Testing?

The lab space is one that continues to evolve as technology aids the advancement of diagnostic testing. This is good news for labs but with any new testing, expensive equipment is required. Lab4lab is partnering labs and reducing the need for labs to incur additional expenses whilst enhancing the panels they offer.   DNA mapping  […]